A kitchen is the heart of the home & the layout & design of a new kitchen needs to meet the requirements of the family. We design & build kitchens as part of House alterations & extension works, where a new kitchen is required for a new space.

If you are considering a new kitchen as part of house alteration or simply replace an old kitchen & live in South Manchester or Cheshire we can help you through the process.

Free initial site survey

To discuss requirements & review of options we measure the room; draw up the position of doors & windows & position of existing services (plumbing, electricity & gas point). Services can be moved if necessary.

Planning a Kitchen Layout

There are 3 main zones within a kitchen – Food preparation, cooking & cleaning up. Ideally these zones make a triangle called the work triangle, the sides of which should be no longer than 6.5 M with no obstacles along their length.

Kitchen Design

Whether you are looking for Classic or contemporary styling we can offer something to suit your taste. You can visit our kitchen manufacturer’s showroom see a range of styles. For customers with a larger budget, bespoke pieces of kitchen furniture can be built e.g. Island benches, free standing dresser units. Anything is possible!

Free Quote

We supply a breakdown of costs & work schedule.  The work schedule details the ‘scope of work’ and is helpful in understanding timescales.


Units built by our kitchen manufacturers & fitted by our joiners, following any necessary building works – e.g. knock through